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   Neatishead Baptist Church

                  Our pastor  is Ian Bloomfield

Our Sunday services are currently suspended

on advice from the Baptist Union, due to the coronavirus.

If you are in the NR12 area,  you are very welcome to use our Contact page.

                  Second week
    Thoughts for Sunday March 29th 2020
  You’re Never Alone With a Strand.
If you’re in the ‘Elderly’ group, maybe you recall this cigarette advertising slogan, from the days when such things were legal? It implied loneliness might be avoided if you puffed on your fag.
Maybe we all need a prop or two in these days of isolation. Our self imposed abandonment of much social interaction is bad for the soul. Of course we have the phone and the internet, but that ain’t the same. I shared a service on tv last Sunday- and we were reminded that Church is Not a building. Nevertheless it is a needful gathering for believers.
One of our ‘props’ can be God. Yet, He is a real ‘prop,’ the True Prop. For Jesus Himself knows all about self isolation. He deliberately sought it: “very early, Jesus got up and left the house. He went to a lonely place” (Mark 1:35). He did so to be alone with God and pray. In Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness, His time alone is forty days (as much as 40! how did He cope?), so we can be sure He knows a lot about the experience of self isolation.
But the good news is that wherever we go, even in the darkest, quietest place, always we can find God. Seek and you will find. Writes the psalmist (139: 7ff), “where could I go to escape from you?… even if I flew away… you would be there to lead me.”
God can always be found in prayer! You’re Never Alone…
Let’s pray that many will find Him in these troubled times, and that social isolation will soon fly away and we can return to sanity. Until that happy day, let’s pray for those in ruin, through job losses, through loneliness, through deep despair, because of this evil, and most of all, that those suffering from this virus will know God’s presence with them. And let’s not forget to pray for so many other pressing problems now rarely on the tv news (to name only a few: Syrian refugees, persecuted Christians in North Korea, kidnapped Chibok schoolchildren and their families)….

             First week
   Thoughts for Sunday March 22nd 2020
The Israelites wandered 40 years in the wilderness.
Who knows how long our Coronavirus crisis will last?
Well, God does.
Is this the first time ever in history that worshippers everywhere have been unable to gather together to praise God?
Here in Neatishead, we have experienced occasional Sundays when a heavy fall of snow has blocked the country roads and caused us to cancel the service. But never for weeks on end, which is the prospect facing us.
How can we not meet together as Christians? A human needs food to survive, Christians need fellowship to grow! Can we survive spiritually?
Only answer is turn to God’s Word and listen to what He is saying to a world in crisis. And praise God! Praise Him that we can still share worship with others on Christian television. Pray that these channels will seize the opportunity.
If you are in our area and in need of prayer, then get in touch!