Most Recent Events

After a break of over a year, Hope Cafe returned on July 31st 2021

May 23rd 2021 saw us able to sing for the first time in over a year as we celebrated (in unseasonably cold weather) Pentecost (see below)

During the Covid 19 lockdown, our pastor has issued weekly church news bulletins.

We necessarily remained closed for some months, but still had one who came below…!

February 29th 2020

Hope Cafe-

getting items ready to sell at the sale at the village hall on March 14th


Monday 16th December – we sang carols at The White Horse Neatishead


Neatishead School at our Church on December 12th, with Christmas carols for Friends and Neighbours (photo used with permission)

Our first anniversary Hope Cafe on Nov 30th 2019

In October  2019 five  stalwarts of our  monthly Hope Cafe,

took the knitted scarves  we had made to Norwich Cathedral,

where St Martin;s Trust have collected  over 4,000 scarves

on behalf of the homeless.

October 6th/7th 2019

Harvest Festival – we raised over £1000 for Operation Agri, through our Sunday service and the fellowship meal we enjoyed the following evening.

Over 20 of us enjoyed a delicious meal organised by Susan Lamb, followed by a film on the work of Operation Agri in Nepal.

During May and early June 2019 we ran the seven week

Life Explored course with the local Anglican church.

Great that we pooled our efforts!

Average attendance was about ten.

5th May 2019

Rev Beth Powney ordained Ian as a Pastor

Above: Our fourth Cafe, on April 27th, making

small gifts for Vidyal Trust in India.

December 8th 2018  Hope Bags Cafe

first meeting

See Past Events for earlier Neatishead Baptist happenings.