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 Easter Sunday April 12th 2020

“All those who knew Jesus personally… stood at a distance to watch.” (Luke 23:49 GNB)

  My thoughts keep coming back to the idea of being ‘Alone.’
  Alone- that was Jesus on the cross, abandoned even by God.
  Alone- that is us today, isolated, our only Christian fellowship has to be online or on the phone. Yet at least we, in contrast to Jesus on the cross, can always, always converse with the Father in prayer. He was separated on his cross even from His own Father.
Yes, Jesus’ loneliness was utter and complete on the cross- and all because he loves each of us, as William Walsham How beautifully expressed it, “only because He loved us so.”
  How odd it will seem on Easter Day not to share with fellow believers in the joy of the Resurrection!
  Alone- that’s what we will physically be on Easter Day, and every day, as isolated Christians.
  Alone- that’s what those first followers of Jesus must have felt, Jesus had left them, their fellowship with Him gone, seemingly for ever.

  Yet those who tottered along to the tomb discovered the amazing eternal truth, that Jesus is alive! As we revisit the empty tomb today in our minds, let’s be thankful that while that tomb may be a very lonely place, His Spirit is released into our lives, so that we will never be utterly alone.
  Therefore, while for the present we remain At A Distance from others, when our Isolation period is passed, let’s ensure that we share this Good News with others. And especially can we look forward to the day when we are united with Him and all fellow believers in heaven, where we will never ever again be in isolation, all alone.